Robert's Traders! UPDATED 9.1.17

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Robert's Traders! UPDATED 9.1.17

Postby Rubycross » Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:49 pm

Im open to supplement cash for trading as well!
tmt041b Odin the Destroyer***Top Want***
wkDP17-006 Bat-Knight
tmnt2029 Renet Tilley


WK - 006 Toy Soldier

m16-012 Shroud
m16-005 She-Hulk

wkD-026 The Weird
wkD-024 Animal Man
wkD-027 Felix Faust

15th Anniversary What If?
041 The Advocate
045 In-Betweener
047 Poison
100 The Captain

Deadpool and X-force
036 Shiklah
042 Boom-Boom
043 Marrow
044 Shatterstar
060 Deadpool, Merc With A Mouth
LE Terror

Joker's Wild
053a Johnny Thunder
063 Bizarro Joker
064 Bizarro Hawkgirl

Superior Foes of Spider-Man
046 Mephisto
059 Spider-man 2211

Civil War: Storyline Organized Play
018 Bullseye
031 Wiccan
104 Captain Marvel

World's Finest
037b Night Lantern Prime
054 The Joker
056 Supergirl
062 Batman
063 Wonder Woman
WFID - 011 Steel

Superman/Wonder Woman
013b Captain Atom Prime
049 Superman
051 Wraith
053a Supergirl

Age of Ultron: Storyline Organized Play
039 Jocasta
052b Ultron (Future - Drone)

The Flash
001b Rival Prime

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series Three
020 B. Skull Dragon

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie
017 Star-Lord

Guardians of the Galaxy

056 Sleep Walker

Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes
047a White Witch (Card is missing)
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