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For Sale!

Postby airdomin8 » Wed Sep 07, 2016 9:04 pm

A good friend asked for help selling some figures.

Please msg me or email:

Apocalypse (mm059) $5
Bloody Mary/Typhoid Mary (dp058a/dp058b) $5 (*pending)
Batman (sog100) $5
Batman (*chase, sog050) $10
Batman (*chase, sog051) $10
The Batman (sm046) $5
Batman and Catwoman (bb100) $15
Cerise (*prime, wxm023b) $10
The Chief (wf051) $5
Doctor Spectrum (gg059a) $10
Doomsday (jl054) $10
Hobgoblin (asm041a) $10
Hela (hot050) $5
Loki (cw042) $5
Loki (fi101) $10
Iron Slayer (*chase, iim054) $20 (*pending)
The Joker and Harley Quinn (nml006) $10
Kal (*chase, sm058) $10
Klarion the Witch-Boy (wf046) $5
Lex Luthor & Joker (wf059) $10
M (wxm054) $10
Matches Malone (bm102) $5
Monsieur Mallah (wf052) $10
Nightlantern (wf037b) $50
The Penguin (nml007b) $5
Prodigy (*chase, asm053) $10
The Professor (*prime, dp007b) $5
Sin and Crosbones (iim045) $10
Sinestro (cr055) $10
Spider-Man 2099 (asm049) $10
Superman (an050) $5
Ultimate Clayface (nml003) $5
War Machine (*prime, iim029b) $30
Venom (*tongue OUT, dp034) $5
Wolverine (*chase, m10a022) $15
Wonder Woman (an051) $5

ID Cards:
Superman WFID-001 (*pending)
Blue Beetle WFID-008
Vixen WFID-023

Boxed Sets:
Giant-Man super booster (cw200) $20
AvX X-Men Starter set (*never opened: dice, tokens and all!) $20
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