Marvin's Mega Sale (Generics and Police Keyword Set)

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Marvin's Mega Sale (Generics and Police Keyword Set)

Postby BEEeef44 » Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:54 am

List of Generics and my "Police" Keyworded set. Only looking to sell these as well. PM me in what you are interested in and quantity.

Marvel Generics:

009 Cuckoo (MUMO) x6
002 Moloid (SI) x3
053 Skrull Emperor (SI)
004 Rock Troll (HoT) x10
008 Phalanx Soldier (HoT) x15
012 Valkyrie (HoT) x5
014 Asgardian Warrior (HoT) x7
015 Fire Demon (HoT0 x7
003 Researcher (WoS) x10
004 Nurse (WoS) x3
005 Mindless One (GSX)
002 Howling Commando (CA) x4
004 S.H.I.E.L.D. Specialist (CA) x3
005 S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (CA) x3
007 Adaptoid (CA) x13
003 A.I.M. Agent (IH) x8
005 Humanoid (IH) x7
017 A.I.M. Renegade (IH) x5
018 A.I. Marine (IH) x7
100 A.I. Marine (IH) x7
002 Nova Corps Recruit (GG) x4
004 Skrull Rebel (GG) 7
006 Doombot (GG) x5
015 Nova Corps Centurion (GG) x6
202 Skrull Assassin (GG) x2
210 Nova Corps Denarian (GG) x2
003 Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (AVM) x3
005 Frost Giant (AVM) x4
008 Skrull Commando (AVM) x2
010 S.H.I.E.L.D. Commando (AVM) x4
031 Frost Giant Champion (AVM)
032 Skrull General
033 Skrull Saboteur
034 Skrull Warrior
207 Skrull Infiltrator (AVM) x2
002 Iron Man Drone (CW) x2
003 Ultron Drone (CW) x2
009 Shadow Council Soldier (CW) x6
012 Vampire (ASM) x9
014 Werewolf (ASM) x6
025 Manphibian (ASM) x9
005 Extremis Soldier (IM3) x4
012 Extremis Brute (IM3)
105 Extremis Mercenary (IM3) x2
007 Shi'Ar Soldier (WX) X11
013 Multiple Man (WX) x4
002 Einherjar (TDW) x8
003 Dark Elf Soldier (TDW) x7
007 Marauder (TDW) x6
012 Kronan Stone Man (TDW) x5
105 Dark Elf Scout (TDW)
001 Thule Society Priest (FI) x11
002 Asgardian Troll (FI) x22
004 Maggia Goon (IIM) x10
005 Hammer Industries Drone (IIM) x5
203 Hammer Industries Drone (IIM)
004 Secret Empire Agent (DP)
007 Weapon X Scientist (DP) x4
204 Secret Empire Number 9 (DP) x3
205 U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. Major (DP) x3
207 Adamantium Specialist (DP) x3
002 S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier (CA:TWS) x4
005 S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent CA:TWS) x3
007 S.H.I.E.L.D. Commander (CA:TWS) x5
106 S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (CA:TWS)
008 Raptor (GOTG)

DC Generics:

008 Street Thug (AA) x3
006 Checkmate Pawn (White) (BB) x3
007 Checkmate Knight (White) (BB) x3
013 Checkmate Pawn (Black) (BB) x2
014 Checkmate Knight (Black) (BB) x2
002 Kryptonian Soldier (SM)
003 Kryptonian Infiltrator (SM)
002 Shadow Assassin (DKR) x5
004 Arkham Asylum Inmate (DKR) x2
007 The Joker's Henchman #1 (DKR)
010 Falcone Bodyguard (DKR)
019 The Joker's Henchman #2 (DKR) x2
004 The Joker Thug (BM) x9
006 Hired Henchman (BM) x6
203 Hired Goon (BM)
002 Kryptonian Scientist (MOS) x2
004 Kryptonian Rebel (MOS) x5
006 Kryptonian Warrior (MOS) x4
008 Soldier (MOS)
002 Black Mask Thug (AO) x4
004 The Penguin Thug (AO) x6
006 The Joker Thug (AO) x4
008 Bane Thug (AO) x4
004 Psion (TT) x3
005 Gordanian (TT) x6
009 N.O.W.H.E.R.E Soldier (TT) x3
010 Brother Blood Acolyte (TT) x7
205 N.O.W.H.E.R.E Soldier (TT)
206 Brother Blood Acolyte (TT) x2
009 Blight (SLSH) x11
099a Airplane (SLSH) x13
099b Race Car (SLSH) x3
099c Cymbal-Banging Monkey (SLSH) x4
099e Superman Action Figure (SLSH) x7
001 Orange Lantern Construct (WoL) x2
002 Red Lantern Recruit (WoL)
003 Sinestro Corps Recruit (WoL) x2
004 Indigo Tribe Recruit (WoL)
005 Green Lantern Recruit (WoL)
006 Star SApphire Recruit (WoL)
007 Blue Lantern Recruit (WoL)
009 Controller Construct (WoL) x3
008 Gorilla City Soldier (FL)
204 Central City Police Captain (FL)
205 A.R.G.U.S. Researcher (FL)
209 Gorilla City Commander (FL)
009 D.E.O. Agent (JLTW)
010 Blackgate Guard (JLTW)
012 Parademon (JLTW)

Police Keyword Generics:

V004 GCPD Cruiser (BM) X3
049 GCPD Motor Officer (BSOG) x4
V003 GCPD Motorcycle (BSOG) x4
005 Code: Blue Officer (WoS)
005 GCPD Officer (DKR) x5
011 GCPD Riot Officer (DKR) x4
001 GCPD Officer (BSOG) x9
004 GCPD Detective (BSOG) x4
005 GCPD Sergeant (BSOG) x8
004 Science Police Officer (SLSH) x8
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