Wrap up

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Wrap up

Postby DarkestThicket » Sun Nov 21, 2010 8:36 am

So with the six Capes standing against the might of the Skrull Empire they were able to assault two strongholds of collaborators to take two pieces of Skrull technology to aid them in their fight at the summoning gate.

The summoning gates were protected by the Fables who were beefed up a little more by the Void energy that had been used to give the Capes their powers. After a long and vicious battle the Fables were defeated but the summoning gates were opened and a giant figure stepped through...

Days later the city fell, the fates of the 6 Capes was lost in the following war as the Skrulls that infiltrated the other cities also engaged their summoning gates and the Earth's military was quickly over run. The resistance in Vancouver went underground to wait for their chance to take the Earth back from the Skrulls...one day it would come. The collaborators would pay for their betrayal as well on that day.
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Re: Wrap up

Postby LionKingXXVII » Sun Nov 21, 2010 4:48 pm

Bzzzzzt, Zzzt...

February 9th, 2011...
Hello, good to know that there are still pockets of resistance out there. Today I personally witnessed a band of 7 take down a Warskrull with a tiger trap and then following up by dropping a car on it. Well done, I commend you.

This evening I went out with Molossus and Sublime Foccussed Frenzy and our target was the Skrull Organic Replicator facility on Commercial and Broadway where the old skytrain station used to be.However, we had to leave when the Fables showed up with a score of skrull troopers. We were able to blow up there power generators and take down the transport station, temporarily breaking their supply lines throughout the city.

Take heart citizens. We will win this war. If you are listening to this, you ARE The Resistance!!!

This is Flying Blue Rabbit broadcasting from an undisclosed location in Vancouver...
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