Territory attack clarifications

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Territory attack clarifications

Postby DarkestThicket » Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:33 am

Hey Theo, being at work it won't let me upload things to gmail. If you could do the honours please?

Snowman campaign rules

There are two factions: Heroes and Villains. A map is created to indicate potential turf for taking over. Each piece of turf has a special ability associated with it.

Starting on the first day each faction will choose three pieces of turf to be their primary, secondary and tertiary targets prior to showing up on the day. The first scenario of campaign day will be each factions primary target. The second scenario will be the PVP scenario. Should a faction not wish to participate in the PVP scenario they move on to their secondary target. If there's enough time in the day each faction will either play their secondary target or tertiary if applicable.

If a piece of turf is uncontrolled by either faction it has a number of Heroclix figures to be determined by the gamemaster. If a piece of turf is controlled by a faction it has a number of Heroclix figures chosen by that faction relative to how much recruiting they have. These figures are called Mooks.

Mooks: Mooks are Heroclix figures chosen by players to be either uncontrolled goons (NPCs) or followers (PCs). Either way mooks can not have any of the following powers showing on their dials: Stealth, Steal Energy, Regeneration, Outwit.

Player characters get to choose their mooks based on the following formula:

They must have a minimum of figures equal to their total recruiting/10 (round up) and a combined point total no greater that recruiting x 10.

Attacking uncontested turf is a straight fight against the mooks defending it.

Attacking contested turf is a straight fight against the PC mooks. In addition the PC's may choose to join the fight if they are close enough and are permitted to under the following conditions.

A=turf the heroes are attacking
B=turf the villains are attacking
C=turf the heroes control
D=turf the villains control
E=uncontrolled turf


Because the villains are attacking turf that the heroes control all the heroes mooks come out to defend it. In addition because the heroes are can draw lines of adjacency from the turf they're on through turf they control until they get to the turf being attacked they may reallocate players to help defend with the mooks. Any PC's they reallocate will show up on the map 3 turns into the game (equal to the number of steps it takes to get there, unless the faction controls Marpole).


The heroes may not reallocate to defend their turf as they can not draw lines of adjacency to the turf being attacked (unless they have vehicles).

At the end of each campaign day all turf that is held generate their abilities and added to the total abilities earned to that point.

Recruiting: recruiting is a general pool. Each point of recruiting adds to the hero or villain mook pool.

Income: income is a character specific pool. Each point of income must be allocated to a specific hero or villain. Income can either be spent as income for various things or traded for either recruiting, research, or spymaster as long as your faction controls one piece of turf with that ability.

Research: Research is a character specific pool. Each point of income must be allocated to a specific hero or villain. If a character has 3 points of research they may use them to purchase a feat. That feat may be assigned to the character if that character sacrifices an earned click of life to acquire it. Feats may be outwitted.

Spymaster: You can spend 5 points of spymaster any time during the time between campaign days to discover what the opposing team is planning on doing. This of course may change if the team decides to do something different.
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