Older Clix on sale at Drexoll this weekend!

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Older Clix on sale at Drexoll this weekend!

Postby doc_monocle » Thu Jul 15, 2021 11:21 pm

Drexoll Games will be putting a bunch of older starters, fast forces, and gravity feeds on sale this weekend. The sale starts on Friday the 16th and goes until end of day Sunday the 18th. There may also be other games on sale, but I was only sent info about the Clix stuff.

For anyone who doesn't know, the store is located at #103 - 2880 W 4th Ave in Vancouver.

The starters and fast forces.
They will each be priced at either $5 or $10. I'm not entirely sure which will have which price but, in the list below, I recommended to them that the first four entries be $10 and the rest be $5.

    The Orville
    DC Universe Rebirth
    Batman the Animated Series x2
    X-men Xavier's School
    Deadpool - Mercs for Money (Deadpool and X-Force set)
    All New X-men (Uncanny X-Men set)
    Teen Titans
    Kick-ass 2
    Yugioh Series 1
    Mage Knight Resurrection

The gravity feed sets.
The number next to them is the number of single-figure boosters remaining in the box. Each box costs $10 if it has 10 or more figures in it, or $5 if it has less than 10. Though I did recommend that Lone Ranger be $5, despite having 18 figures.

    War of Light (constructs) - 23
    LOTR Return of the King - 17
    Bioshock Infinite - 14
    Adam West Batman - 15
    The Lone Ranger - 18
    Thor the Dark World - 16
    Batman - 16
    Man of Steel - 17
    Assassin's Creed - 8 Brotherhood/9 Revelations
    Guardians of the Galaxy - 16
    Guardians of the Galaxy CG - 15
    (I think one GotG is the movie set and one is the comics set. I'm not sure what the "CG" means.)
    Iron Man 3 - 14
    The Hobbit - 7
    LOTR Return of the King - 8
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