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The Origins of The Flying Blue Rabbit
Rufus was originally a cute and happy bunny. The adored pet of Sammi, the youngest of three daughters sired by Professor Chemaestro. Professor Chemaestro was the evil scientific genius who developed the "POWERS" serum that eventually led to the rebirth of The Flying Blue Rabbit. He spent the last 3 years researching and toiling over the formula in his basement to create the serum to make his physical prowress match his immense intellect.

Sammi came home one day from school to find her beautiful pet Rufus horribly mauled by her neighbour's cat, Mickey. Sammi was distraught and as any 7 year old would be, she became desperate. She wanted so badly to save her cute fluffy Rufus. She was willing to try anything, anything!

Sammi ran down to the basement, knowing full well that that was where daddy's chemistry set was. She knew that the medicine she would be given when she was sick either came in a syringe, pill or liquid form. That's was all she could think of at the time. She saw some sort of liquid in a syringe and thought that 2 out of 3 wasn't bad...this could work.

Rushing back upstairs and out to the yard she was full of hope. Sammi had no idea how much "medicine" to use. But she understood one thing if nothing else...Rufus was in a bad state. Then she remembered that everytime she had gotten a shot she received the entire dose and it was always "for her own good". Sammi injected Rufus with the strange iridescent blue liquid. She waited...

After what seemed to be hours, nothing happened. Rufus was still breathing but short shallow breaths. Sammi began to cry. Realizing that this would likely be the end of her poor Rufus, she ran inside to grab a blanket so that he could be more comfortable. Upon her return Rufus was gone!

After searching the yard for any traces of Rufus, Sammi found nothing. But just as she was heading back indoors, a streak of blue WHOOOSHED by, snatched the blanket from her hand and landed in front of her. She stared at it. It was Rufus, but not Rufus. This bunny was much larger, could fly, and was blue! Sammi cried out:


Rufus came close and snuggled with Sammi a moment, hugged her and flew off. As Rufus streaked away in a blue blur Sammi thought she heard him say:

"Thank you."

But, but, rabbits can't talk, can they?!
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