Origins 300 modern

Team builds, combos, how to beat Rob, how to beat Ishi, etc.

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Origins 300 modern

Postby lord_hugo720 » Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:59 pm

FI301 Splitlip
30 FIR100C The Book of the Skull (complete)
30 FI101R Loki
175 SLOSH005B Mon-El
45 IM3015 Savin

I was also thinking you could be using instead of Savin,

Lois Lane - $39 point and two 6 point pogs for hammer purposes

batcycle for batman

just an outline of something that might be effective, getting hammers out is the key while having a 19 defense <<------- Wizkids Open Event in Vancouver @ The Connections.
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