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Here are some links:

  • boingboing, an interesting news blog
  • Some great web comics:
    • Diesel Sweeties - like a relationship sitcom with an ex-porn star, her sister, a couple robots, and sundry oddball friends
    • PVP - targetted mainly at video gamers
    • Boy on a Stick and Slither - surreal and cute musings of the Boy on a Stick and his snake friend with occasional appearances by Frickles Mudcat (a presidential hopeful), a sentient tooth, and God
    • Order of the Stick - some familiarity with DnD recommended
  • Mutants and Masterminds, the best Super Hero RPG of all time
  • HCRealms.com, community for Heroclix, the best Super Hero miniatures game of all time
  • Wizkids, makers of Heroclix and many other games